Add these features to your website for improved Google Ads results

So you’re keen to see some real results from your online marketing campaign. Your goal – get more enquiries that turn into direct sales. How to achieve this: Make sure your “virtual office” – your website – contains these 6 vital elements that will change the way potential clients interact with your website and encourage them to make contact with your company:


1) Add your main contact number/numbers to the top right-hand side of all pages of your website

Why? This is the first place a person’s eyes will rest when they click onto your website and wait for the page to load. Having your phone number clearly visible also increases the likelihood that the visitor will call, as you’ve made it easy for them to find your number.


2) Add an enquiry form to every page of your website – preferably on the side or bottom of each page, apart from your contact page

Why? Make it simple for potential clients to enquire with you. Have a basic enquiry form on each page, with a more detailed enquiry form on the “contact” page. People are busy and don’t have the time to explore every page, looking for a way to get in touch. Make it easy for them to make immediate contact.


3) Double, even triple check that your website’s spelling and grammar is perfect

Why? Good spelling and grammar ensures your website looks professional – a representation of you, your company and the service you offer.


4) Use a professional, easy-to-read font

Why? People are more likely to read what you have to say. Also ensure that you don’t use too many different font types or sizes, as this can appear distracting.


5) Use a high-quality professionally designed logo that stands out from your competitors

Why? A professional, eye-catching logo makes the world of difference to the “look and feel” of a website. It is recommended to have this designed by a professional in the industry. It is not very expensive to have designed, and can be used for the life of your business on all related corporate material – letterheads, business cards etc. A logo can make or break a website. Also ensure the rest of the website ties in with the logo for a seamless, clean finish.


6) Use relevant keywords often, where possible

Why? Using keywords related to your industry and services will improve your keyword quality score on online marketing campaigns, such as Google Ads. Having your keywords in your website content also impacts the cost of your Google Ads campaign keywords – and cost-per-click. Who can’t use that extra bang for your buck?! Your site will be analysed as being relevant to what internet users are searching for, making it much more likely to appear on online searches. Also ensure that primary keywords are used in these important spots: website URL’s, site headings, meta tags and descriptions, as well as appearing regularly in the body of your content.


You may think these 6 changes are not so important – but implement them, and see the results change drastically for yourself. Don’t be concerned about it being a costly process – Ad-dictions has reliable website design professionals to handle these website changes for you – at the most affordable and competitive rates – guaranteed! Contact us today for a free quotation from an industry expert!

See the video below for more information on optimising your landing page:



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