Why Can’t I Find My Own Google Ads Adverts When I Search Online?


Many people complain about searching for their keywords, but being unable to find their advert on Google. The following article will explain key reasons for this:

  • Location Targeting

This refers to pinpointing your advert to a specific location. Before an advert is constructed, a target area must be selected. Unless they incorporate a location-based search term, only people who live in the target area you have selected will be able to see your advert. Therefore, if you are not within the range of the target area you have selected or if your IP address is registered to another location, you will not be able to find your advert.

  • IP Address Blocking/Click Fraud Prevention

If you frequently search for your own advert yet never click on it, you will eventually be unable to see it. Google has its eye out to prevent click-fraud/people searching for and clicking on your adverts repeatedly with the intent of using up your budget. To prevent this, Google will begin to block IP addresses that it suspects of this. If you repeat a search numerous times, therefore, Google may block you from viewing your own adverts.

  • Your Budget

AdWords shows your adverts as frequently as possible while remaining in your daily budget. As soon as you arrive at your budget limit, your advert will stop showing on that particular day. Should you have a large or perhaps even an unlimited budget, your ad will be shown continually throughout the day. If your budget is considerably lower than what you are able to spend in a day, Google AdWords will only show your advert regularly enough for your daily budget to be used.

  • Ad Scheduling

If you have arranged for your advert to be shown at specific hours of the day, or specific days of the week, you will not see it at the times when it is scheduled to be off.

These cover some of the primary reasons you may not be able to find your own advert on Google searches. Contact us if you have any questions or would like further information.

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