What results can I expect in the first month?
Within the first month you can expect an increase of traffic to your business via website enquiries and/or telephone calls that should steadily rise as we continue to optimize your campaign over the following months.
What is optimization?
Optimization includes monitoring your campaign, adding relevant keywords, pausing low performance keywords, adding negative keywords, adjusting bids for high performance keywords, adding new ad groups, pausing low performance ad groups and more.
What is conversion tracking?
Conversion tracking is when we place a code generated from AdWords on your website’s thank you pages. It enables us to monitor how many people, after being directed to your site from an ad, take action by filling out a form, signing up for a newsletter etc.
What does it mean to be Google Certified?
Google recognizes us as being experts in online marketing.
Why do you encourage a higher budget?
The higher your budget, the more you can bid on keywords and you will have a better chance of your ads showing in a higher position on Google. Your ads will also show for a longer time throughout the day and your budget will last longer during the month. This will contribute to your AdWords campaign being more effective at bringing you more business.
Why shouldn’t I Google my ads?
If you Google your ads too often Google will assume it is one of your competitors trying to use up your budget and will block you from seeing your ads for a time.
Will AdWords work for my business?
Google AdWords can work for any business. You decided exactly who you want to target and when. Based on keyword searches, demographics such as age and gender, time of day and more, your campaign can be as narrow or as broad as you need it to be.
What are the benefits of AdWords YouTube advertising?
With AdWords YouTube video advertising you can reach a huge audience that text adverts can’t. Your video ads can appear on relevant searches on YouTube and the Display Network, before or after a YouTube video, on relevant websites or even on a mobile app.
How can I tell if my AdWords campaign is working?
We can send you a monthly report summarizing your campaign. It will show you how many times your ads were clicked on during the month, how many people converted on your site, what the average CPC (cost-per-click) was, the average position your ads were shown Google, and how many people saw your ads on Google (impressions).
What packages do you offer?
We have a variety of packages that we can tailor to best suit your needs.
How long does building a campaign take?
A campaign takes between 7 and 14 working days to build depending on the size of the campaign.
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