Remarketing Campaigns

What is “remarketing”?

Have you ever visited a website, maybe online shopping. Added something to your cart or simply browsed but then left the website prior to completing your purchase. You then notice an advert (usually a banner) showing on various websites, seeming to “follow you”, encouraging you to go back and complete your purchase? This is called “remarketing”. Would you speak to a return customer in the same way as a first time user? If not, then why do so online? See the video below for a visual representation of how “remarketing” works.

About Remarketing

    Some benefits of using remarketing as a part of your Google AdWords strategy:

    • Reaching someone who has already been educated about your product/service means that they are one step further in the buying cycle than a first time visitor. This makes it much more likely for them to take that next step and return to enquire/purchase. Those returning to your site have a much higher potential for conversion.
    • More conversions can be attained at a cheaper CPC (cost per click).
    • Highly specific adverts can be used where necessary. Eg: If someone was on your website, looking at your “car services” page before leaving your website, remarketing allows you to reach them with a tailored advert on Google, such as “Still need your car serviced? Check out our new specials running for this month”.
    • Your logo appearing in adverts will improve brand awareness and will remain in the customer’s memory. Even existing customers can benefit from being regularly reminded about your brand.

    Requirements to setup:

    • The tracking codes to be installed (by your designer or ours)
    • A Google budget allocation
    • Any images you may like to feature & hi-res logo

    Plain and simple, we are ready to get going! For a sample of what your advert will look like, feel free to send us an email for more information. Add a remarketing campaign to your online marketing strategy today for best results!

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