We can highly recommend Kim and her team. Ad-dictions is a professional and trustworthy marketing agency, who has helped us to build and grow our business over the past two years. Anybody considering running an online marketing campaign through Ad-dictions won’t be sorry! You will make your budget back in revenue within the first week of the month, at least that’s how well it works for us!

Update 3 Years Later: I started running my Google Ad campaigns through Ad-dictions just over 3 years ago. At that time I had never done Google Ads for my business before. The budget at the time was only R2000.00. Very quickly I saw results for my advertising spent. Within the first week of the month I would make back in revenue what I had spent on Ads. This helped my business to grow over the years to the point where we now have already moved to our second, bigger offices, instead of working out of our home’s garage and we are a leader in the industry. In addition, we have grown so much that we have recently brought digital marketing in-house (Google Ads, Social Media, etc). Although, this meant that we would sadly no longer work with Kimberley and Ad-dictions.

I would highly recommend Ad-dictions to anyone out there who is looking to grow their business or looking to change to an Ad company with integrity, who will truly give them value for their money. Kimberley and her team are very trustworthy, with industry know-how and will give you “bang for your bug”!

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