Below are the top 6 reasons why you should try Google Ads:


1) You only pay when someone who is looking for YOUR services specifically clicks on your advert that is displayed at the top or right-hand side of page 1. Pay-per-click marketing is highly specific and is aimed at your target market in particular. Thousands of your potential clients can view your advert at no cost, and even call you directly from your advert (or type your contact number into their phone without clicking on it at all) – which doesn’t cost you a cent!

2) The results can be seen instantly. Once the campaign has been enabled and gone live, your adverts will start displaying on relevant searches immediately.

3) Specific geographic locations can be specified and targeted. You can specify where you target market is based and these areas can be incorporated into your AdWords campaign. For ease, a physical address can be provided to your Google Ads expert consultant, and they can target a radius from this address (Eg: 20-60km from your physical address). Any areas you would like to exclude can be done so with ease.

4) Google Ads can be used for small companies with low starting monthly budgets. There is no exact minimum starting amount, and your budget can be increased at any time (which is likely to happen once the results start coming in from your AdWords campaign!).

5) There is a great deal of flexibility with Google Ads. Monthly specials, offers, promotions and updates can be added at any stage, or your campaigns can be paused if required. New services can be added, and old ones can be removed. You can also choose which services you would like to focus on predominantly that will yield the greatest ROI (return on investment). Advertise the services that are most worthwhile for you, and let the less important ones be found naturally after receiving the enquiry. This way you will quickly cover your monthly Google budget spend (with plenty extra to spare).

6) Your website is advertised on page 1 of relevant Google searches, ahead of your biggest competitors who may have a budget a hundred times larger than yours. This evens out the playing fields, giving your business an opportunity to get the business and to grow your company in a short space of time.

When Google Ads is performing optimally (mostly due to an expert campaign setup and regular optimisation), it will completely turn your business around!

Contact me today for a free quotation on having a Google Ads campaign set up for your business, no matter its size or budget! Feel free to email or call through on 084 645 2989, and we’ll assist you with your business marketing goals.

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