Facebook Page Setup

Everyone knows about Facebook. Everyone uses it. A Facebook Business Page is a great additional form of advertising that can be linked to your website and increase your visibilty online. Give your website a boost by having it linked to your Facebook page – suddenly your business name is sprawled all over the internet when people search for your services. What more can you ask for? Ad-dictions can also assist with setting up Facebook Paid Advertising for your company – a great way to gain new followers, build up brand awareness and advertise your services to Facebook users in specific locations.

A few other benefits of using a Facebook Business Page:

1) Facebook can assist with improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is because your page (including posts, images and links) direct people to your website. Make sure that your posts are relevant to your industry to improve your SEO and give your website a boost.

2) With over 750 million Facebook users, what better place to be found by your potential clients. Use Facebook Adverts to specifically reach your target market on Facebook. Facebook Advertising allows you to segment your target market by interests, location, age and more – so use this to your advantage by ensuring your page is seen by the right people.

3) A Facebook Business Page allows you to interact with people online, finding out about needs your company may be able to assist with. The personalised interaction also shows your followers that your company is down to earth in a way, and ready to make time for those that require further details or that have questions about your products and services. Your Facebook Business Page also helps you to build lasting relationships with your audience, which is a great benefit in this day and age.

4) Easily (and instantly) inform your audience about special offers, rewards, promotions and discounts. Another feature of a Facebook Business Page is the “Offers” tab which allows you to promote your offer and choose a duration of time you would like the promotion to run.

5) Lastly, Facebook Business Pages can be found on Google searches. Ensure your most relevant and important keywords are used on your page, as these are indexed by Google and will improve your page’s ranking online. This also means that new potential clients can find you much easier online. Searchers will also notice that your “profile” is complete – you are not a “fly-by-night”. Instead, you’re on the grid and up to date, and can be found easily in online searches.

All in all, Facebook Business Pages are an excellent form of social media marketing (when managed correctly – as with anything else). Have a professional setup organised once-off and manage your own business page, or send through your content on a weekly basis and pay a small monthly fee to have your page managed professionally on your behalf. From there, Facebook Paid Advertising can be setup, working along with your specific budget. This is recommended for best results and awareness.

For a simple but well-arranged Facebook page, or for more details on Facebook Advertising and how it all works, contact Ad-dictions for a free quotation.

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