Website looking a little content bare? Lots more to say but not sure how to say it? See below why it’s vital to add relevant content to your website.

Reason 1: Informing your customers. Your website is your virtual office, so this means that your site is one of the main ways online visitors will learn about you and your business. It’s important that your website content is informative to educate new site visitors, as well as regular customers who may look out for updates from you.

Reason 2: For organic SEO purposes. Updating regularly with relevant content containing specific keywords connected to your business/industry can assist in improving your organic ranking on Google searches. Each time you update your website with new content, Google’s robots browse through your site and may adjust your ranking based on your content.

Reason 3: To improve your Google AdWords online marketing campaign. This works in a few ways. Relevant landing pages mean a better website experience for online visitors, which should assist in improving your keyword’s quality score in AdWords – which means a lower CPC (cost per click). If your website and landing pages are user-friendly and specific to what clients are searching for, partly by containing content that highlights how it relates to what was searched for, you are more likely to land new inquiries. This is due to the fact that site visitors will find exactly what they searched for on your landing page. This means higher conversion rates so that both you and your Google AdWords campaign will benefit.

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